Getting Started with the eigFunc Python Package

The Library Compiler in MATLAB® Compiler SDK™ creates Python® packages that can be integrated with applications written in Python. It also generates sample Python driver code that can be used to integrate and test the generated components. You can use this guide to set up your environment and run your sample driver application.
Note: Sample Python driver code is only generated if sample MATLAB code is included during the packaging phase. Samples can be found in the folder named "samples".

Location of Installed Python Package Files

View eigFunc Files
View eigFunc Samples


1. Install and Configure the MATLAB Runtime
Complete this step only if you have not installed the MATLAB Runtime while installing the package.
2. Configure the Python Environment

Set Up the Python Component

At the system terminal, type:
python install [options]
If you have full administrator privileges and install to the default location, you do not need to specify any options. Otherwise, use --user to install to your home folder, or --prefix="installdir" to install to "installdir". In the latter case, add "installdir" to the PYTHONPATH environment variable.
For details, refer to:
Installing Python Modules (Python 2)
Installing Python Modules (Python 3)

Executing Python Driver Applications

At the system terminal, type:
Learn more about mwpython

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