Data Analysis

Some other projects:

  1. Amazon AWS S3 Management Console: Web-application to easily manage the data stored in the AWS S3 bucket (built using Python-Flask)
  2. Download Earthquake Catalogs from Global CMT website: This python script can download the event catalog from the Global CMT to the local computer for the given range of time.
  3. Spectral Analysis of wide variety of data in MATLAB: Fourier Transform, Power spectrum, Spectrogram in MATLAB
  4. Linux Tutorials (For beginners ): Introduction to Linux OS, simple navigational commands, pwd (print working directory), ls (list directory), rm (remove), rmdir (remove directory), mkdir (make directory),cp (copy files), mv (move or rename files), file structure in linux, root directory, Manipulate the directory stack, finding files on system, cat, more, less, head, tail, Managing and editing .bashrc, .bash_profile, Internal Field Separater
  5. Linux Tutorial (Data Processing): The uses of for loop, while loop, awk command, and grep command
  6. Complex Moving Waves in MATLAB: Moving Waves, Fourier Transform, Hilbert Transform, Application of Hilbert Transform
  7. Introduction to PERL: Commenting, manipulating strings, variables, arrays, push/pop & shift/unshift command, splice command, sorting, merging arrays, hash variables, extracting keys and values, Adding/removing elements in Hashes, If/else loop and exist command, for loop, foreach loop, while loop, math functions

Plotting seismograms with increasing epicentral distance

How to plot the distance vs seismic waveforms?


Plotting track and trajectory of hurricanes on a topographic map

How to plot the track or trajectory of a hurricane on a map?