GMT tutorial for beginners

2 minute read

The Generic Mapping Tools is widely used across Earth and Planetary and other fields of studies to process data and generate high quality illustrations. This...

Writing NetCDF4 Data using Python

4 minute read

NetCDF file format has been designed for storing multidimensional scientific data such as temperature, rainfall, humidity, etc. In this post, we will see how...

How to insert equation numbering in MS Word

1 minute read

It is of essential to insert equation number if you are working on your thesis and/or any scientific paper that consists of a lot of equations. The easiest a...

Reading NetCDF4 Data in Python [Python]

7 minute read

In Earth Sciences, we often deal with multidimensional data structures such as climate data, GPS data. It ‘s hard to save such data in text files as it would...

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Time Series Analysis in Geophysics

3 minute read

Time-series analysis is essential in most fields of science including geophysics, economics, etc. Most of the geophysical data comes in a time-series format ...

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Statistical Analysis [MATLAB]

2 minute read

Visualize the statistics of the data using MATLAB: mean, median, std, interquartile range, skewness, kurtosis, t-statistic

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Plotting seismograms with increasing epicentral distance

How to plot the distance vs seismic waveforms?


Plotting track and trajectory of hurricanes on a topographic map

How to plot the track or trajectory of a hurricane on a map?