iPhone Shortcut to Quickly Log Body Temperature [iOS]

Utpal Kumar     1 minute read

In case you suspect symptoms for COVID-19 (also during the quarantine period), CDC advices to log body temperature data two times a day for 14 days (see here). The easiest way to log the data is digitally if you already uses iPhone (your data is all stored locally on device). There is a shortcut app on iPhone, that can be used to create several workflows for quickly executing simple tasks.

Download Shortcut

iCloud link to download the shortcut quickly: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/569cb69f77f341a1ad9f834894506bee


You may have to toggle “Allow Untrusted Shortcuts” in your Settings -> Shortcuts

Body Temperature in Health App

The user can check for the data in the Apple Health app. They can also manually add the data using the “Add Data” feature.

In order to get the raw export, go into the “Apple Health” app, tap on your user icon and then select “Export All Health Data”. This export process may take a few minutes, and, once completed, you should then have a filed called “export.zip”. You can share the file with yourself via AirDrop, Email or any other method. For more details for exporting and analyzing health data in Python, see this post.

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