Automatically Plotting Record Section for an Earthquake in the Given Time Range [Python]

Utpal Kumar     less than 1 minute read


A seismic record section displays numerous seismic records in a single figure and can be quite useful in the geological interpretation. The ray paths of the seismic waves are curved due to increasing velocity with depth. Hence, the longer the distance to the station from the event, the deeper the ray goes.

Download the complete script: seismicSection

  • Code to automatically plot the record section of largest earthquake event within the given time range and geographical selection.
  • Define the input parameters in input_file.yml
  • Run the python script

Run Script

  • Install environment for the required packages using either one of the following commands (spec-file.txt and environment.yml can be downloaded from the github link): conda install --name myenv --file spec-file.txt conda env create -f environment.yml

  • Execute script python

Input file

Record section 1

Runshot 1 Runshot 2

Download the complete script here.


  1. Seismic record sections

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