Computing Technical
Web Development [backend (preferred), frontend] Computer Operating Systems: MacOS (Mojave), Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, Opensuse), Windows (7)
Open-source programming (scientific computing, data visualization, and achieving automation) Database Development/Management: SQLite, PostgreSQL and Pandas DataFrame, AWS-S3
Python (primary), Bash/csh, R, C, Perl, Fortran (and Gnuplot, MATLAB, LATEX, HTML/CSS, Markdown, Javascript (JQuery) Designing: Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, HTML/CSS and JS
Generic Mapping Tools, Basemap (Python), Bokeh (Python) for plotting high resolution maps Writing (offline): Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Mac Pages and Keynote (for manuscript), LATEX (for extensive documents), Jupyter Notebook (for presentation of software packages)
Seismic Analysis Code (SAC) and Obspy (Python) for analyzing and visualzing seismic waveforms Writing (online): Wordpress, Medium (for blogging), Markdown, Sphinx documentation

Plotting seismograms with increasing epicentral distance

How to plot the distance vs seismic waveforms?


Plotting track and trajectory of hurricanes on a topographic map

How to plot the track or trajectory of a hurricane on a map?